Just a heads up that this blog is officially inactive. I’m not going to deactivate it, but I don’t have any plans to post to it anymore. ‘Kay cool.


No one asked me to do this, but here’s a list of yuri manga recs:

Just click on the title to read the manga. List only includes completed series and anthologies.

*The first ones are my favorites, and some of the last ones aren’t all that good, but it’s not like there’s that much yuri out there to choose from. I went through all the titles I’ve read on my manga list and I barely remember some of these, but I tried selecting decent ones.

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More than a love story

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Idreim asked for yumikuri in ‘lounging, lazy-time stuff’ clothes from a character draw meme. didn’t really stick to the theme but whatev. i forgot how much i love these two hmmmmm